60x60 Secs is the first project of the 360° programme, and comprises of 60 one-minute films from 60 artists, 20 each from Britain, India and Pakistan.

Commissioned via open call both established and emerging artists, working in a variety of mediums and spanning a wide age range, present their unique views on 'home'. Looking beyond media, political and religious definitions, 60x60 Secs unravels complex identities and stories, and redefines cultures that are evolving in an age of globalisation.

60x60 Secs will be launched in Britain in June and will open in India and Pakistan simultaneously in September 2008. Pushing the boundaries of where the films can be seen 60x60 Secs will be shown internationally, in conventional as well as unconventional spaces such as TV, digital arts and film festivals, art galleries, cinemas, public spaces, shopping malls, in-flight entertainment, cafes and restaurants.

60x60 Secs opens in London from June to July 2008 at The Shunt Lounge and Vibe Gallery. More information here

Interested in showcasing 60x60 Secs?

Download promotional information and technical specifications here or contact us at helen@motiroti.com.